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Beard Guitars will be closed Dec. 25 - Jan. 1


NAMM 2015
January 22-25

Paul and friends will be at the NAMM show this year in booth #1408. Come and say hi and play some of his best guitars!

Featured Artist

Vince Gill

Jerry Douglas with his Limited Edition

Vince Gill

Vince Gill with his new Odyssey A


Beard capo Beard Wave Capo
Beard Steel Beard Bar
Odyssey A Beard Odyssey A
Odyssey A Model Beard Odyssey E
Gold Tone Signature K Model Acoustic guitar Paul Beard
Signature Gold Tone
PBK Model Acoustic
Squareneck Guitar
Paul Beard Signature Goldtone 8 String Resophonic guitar Paul Beard
Signature Gold Tone
8-String Resophonic
Goldtone Bass Paul Beard
Signature Gold Tone
E Minor Travel Resophonic Guitar Beard E Minor Travel Resophonic Guitar


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Featured Items

The NEW Hipshot DoubleShot
Instantly switch to a second tuning and back again. Turn your one guitar into two!
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JD Blackbeard

The NEW Jerry Douglas Blackbeard
Featuring a black, translucent finish, signature inlay, Red Bubinga fretboard and Beard bass baffle. Come check out the newest member of the Jerry Douglas Signature Series.
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Legend Beard Cone

Legend Beard Cone

This Cone design is a result of many years of refining the process of hand-spinning cones The Legend Cone TM is Triple Spun from a specific aluminum alloy. The shape has been modified from a traditional style cone to produce a clear bell-like tone and lower resonant frequency. The Triple Spun process and highly polished finish improve response and sustain. Like all Beard cones, I personally spin each one by hand to exacting standards. The Legend Cone will improve the Volume and tone of any resonator guitar.
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Original Number 14 spider

Original #14 Spider ™
Exclusively from Beard Guitars!

Beard Guitars is the exclusive supplier of the Original #14 Spider™. This bridge is made from the same pattern and casting process that was used in the 30's. The shape, alloy and design made it the best sounding spider bridge for the last 80 years. It is still hand made in the USA.
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Beard B-Model Bass

The Beard B-Model Reso Bass
Sounds like an upright and plays like an electric. This bass is definitely cool.
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Beard Ukulele

The NEW Beard Ukulele
Made of solid Mahogany and featuring a bass baffle and hand-spun Beard resonator, this Concert Ukulele is like none other. . .
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